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Dr. Dominick Fazzari
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How Can We Help You...

Dr. Fazzari's Method of Healing

Dr. Fazzari's Method of Healing

Dr. Fazzari utilizes all the standard modes of treatment and he is highly trained in the application of Advanced Biostructural Correction.

Posture Test

Try Our Posture Test

One way to determine if you need help is to take our at home postural test.


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Why Are We Different?

There are many approaches to helping various conditions. Conventional Chiropractic often addresses the reduction of pain and increasing joint motion, but there is more, much more to correcting the problem.

Spinal Injury - Center for Spinal Correction

The True Nature of Spinal Injury

What really happens when you injure your spine is that the bone slips forward. This tiny forward movement of the bone can occur in your neck, mid-back or lower back region.

Why Visit The Office

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Our Office

The number one reason people come to us is to relieve and eliminate pain. Pain is an indication that something is wrong.