Spinal Adjustment & Manipulation | Best Treatment for Misaligned Spine

Spinal Adjustment and Manipulation, Treatment for Misaligned Spine

Spinal Adjustment – What really happens when you injure your spine is that the bone (when viewed from the side) slips forward. This tiny forward movement of the bone can occur in your neck, mid-back or lower back region. When the bone slips forward, your body has no way of pulling it back.

Why? Because there are no muscles BEHIND your spine to pull the bones back into their correct position. There are muscles that pull the bones up or down, or to the left or right. There are even muscles in front of your spine to pull bones forward, but nothing to pull your bones back once they have slipped forward. In order to keep you from falling and bending further forward, your body will twist itself in order to keep itself as upright as possible. Over time, your body can go too far in one direction and as a result, begin to twist the other way. Thus, you may end up with two curves in your spine. With proper treatment, these dysfunctions can be corrected.

How Do You Correct These Forward Slipping Bones

The key is to gently push the bones backward, one at a time. In a sense, this method restacks the spinal column into its correct position. The details of how this is accomplished is explained to you before your treatment begins. Your duration of care will vary, depending on how long ago you were injured, and how severely. But most patients feel dramatically better on the first day, and many feel better within a day or two. In closing, let me thank you again for choosing our office, and get ready to feel better than you have in a long time.