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Spine Correction

About Spine Correction At The Center For Spinal Correction and The Center For Body Correction

Our goal is to return your body to its optimal mechanical state.

Spine Correction: In other words, to correct your boney misalignments and literally make your body straight again. This is NOT WHAT YOU MAY HAVE HAD IN THE PAST. Dr. Fazzari was treated for years and until his bones were gently moved IN THE PROPER SEQUENCE, saw little improvement. Now he can play ball all day, have an easy, straight, relaxed posture, feel amazing, AND HAS NO PAIN!

The beauty of the technique is that you can monitor your progress.

We can photograph the changes that occur as we treat you

As you are treated you can expect:

  • Quick relief and elimination of pain.
  • An increase in your ability to do things, whether it’s sports, yoga or simply walking without pain.
  • Improve athletic performance.
  • An elegant and easy posture and all the benefits that go with it.

How do I know I need to be corrected?

Your body tells you if you have a problem. This is registered as pain.

Unfortunately, your body waits quite a bit before it lets you know you need help. By the time you experience symptoms the condition has probably been going on for quite some time.

The first true sign of a problem is a decrease or a diminution of function. Examples would be:

  • Difficulty bending from the waist,
  • Decreased motion and stiffness when you rotate or bend your neck,
  • Shoulder pain or stiffness when you attempt to raise your arms.

Perhaps you’re simply moving slower, or you’ve lost a step or two in sports. Patients often state: “I’m not that bad; it hurts only when I wake up in the morning or when I go to bed at night!”

Another funny one is: “I’m OK as long as I don’t turn my head, or pick things up fast.” This is NOT normal and you do NOT have to live like that.