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Chiropractic Health Services

Chiropractic Health Services

Dr. Fazzari’s Chiropractic Services & Methods of Treatment, in NYC and Long Island

Why Are We Different?

Chiropractic Services: There are many approaches to helping various conditions. A medical doctor might first prescribe a medication to relieve inflammation and pain. Physical Therapists work to improve muscle imbalances and conventional Chiropractic often addresses the reduction of pain and increasing joint motion. These are all well and good, but there is more, much more to correct the problem.

A body WILL NOT PERFORM AT ITS BEST IF ITS FORM IS NOT CORRECTED. You can go through surgery, have epidural shots, and traction your spine forever, but if you do not correct the form of your body it will have limited improvement. All of the above disciplines have missed two key factors. The body, The WHOLE BODY works as a unit.

Treating the neck, shoulder, low back, ankle or whatever injured part alone, will never result in a straight, flexible, optimally functioning body. That is why people have to “manage” pain. No one is actually fixing the root problem by making the spine straighter! Even world-class athletes are constantly getting injured. Because no one until now had figured how to make a crooked structure (your spine) straight again.

So many back surgeries fail not because the surgeon was unskilled in his craft but because he or she is unable to address the dysfunctions (“crookedness”) that is occurring in the rest of the body. The second key factor in structurally correcting human bodies is that you must correct only the bones that have slipped forward by pushing them gently backward. These 2 key factors and the corrective procedures were discovered by Dr. L Ward and Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz (The founder of Advanced Biostructural Correction).

It has been ten years since I had the procedure first done on myself by Dr. Jutkowitz. The benefits go beyond simply removing the pain. With continued care, it has been my experience that the patient’s neurological system functions at a fuller capacity. As I stated in the Home page, I am able to breathe, sleep, digest, play, in short function and live better. The same is true for so many of our patients.

Dr. Fazzari’s Method of Healing

Our office utilizes all the standard modes of treatment in order to quickly relieve your pain, including Manual Traction, Soft Tissue Massage, Hot and Cold Therapy, Ultrasound, and Electric Stimulation.

In addition to and most importantly, Dr. Fazzari is highly trained in the application of Advanced Biostructural Correction.

This technique is not standard manipulative care. Dr. Fazzari himself had tried various forms of therapy for his own care and was disappointed as well. In fact, he worsened over time. Please call and feel free to discuss your case. He will be happy to answer your questions and will let you know if he can help you.

Dr. Fazzari operates out of offices both in New York City (Center For Spinal Correction) and Melville, Long Island (Center For Body Correction).

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