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Chiropractic Adjustment For Lower Back Pain

Chiropractic Adjustment For Lower Back Pain

Chiropractic Adjustment For Lower Back

Chiropractic Adjustment Lower Back: The most common condition we treat in our office is low back pain. We are experts at locating and correcting your problem.

Have you been to the medical doctor and he has said that there’s really nothing wrong with you? Do you have a herniated disc or suffer from what you’ve been told are muscle imbalances and yet after so many treatments you are still suffering?

Dr. Fazzari suffered for years and tried every technique in chiropractic as well as physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and yoga. Ultimately the reason why these procedures were only marginally successful and never corrected his problem and eliminated the pain completely was that they didn’t understand the true nature of the injury.

Our office uses a technique called Advanced Bio-structural Correction, A.B.C. for short. It is a procedure that is geared to completely eliminate your pain while making your body straight again.

By realigning or more appropriately restacking the spinal bones in the proper order, depth and sequence, a patient can expect a quick decrease and eventual elimination of pain, increased body functions, (including physical activities and athletic endeavors) an ability to stand and sit longer, work harder with less difficulty, have improved posture and become stronger physically as their treatment continues.

Whether you suffer from a muscle sprain or strain, a work-related injury, a disc herniation or scoliosis, ultimately our goal is to make your body straight again and in doing so, you function better and eliminate pain. Please call our office for further information regarding our procedure.

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