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Herniated Disc Chiropractor: Many people believe that a disc herniation is a condition that you must “manage” and that once you are diagnosed with a herniation there is little you can do …this is not true.

First, what is a disc herniation?

The disc is a semisolid structure that acts as a shock absorber between the bones of your spine. The center is composed of a jelly-like substance called the nucleus pulposis. Picture a jelly donut made of cartilage the inside part would be the gelatinous nucleus pulposis. When you suffer a disc herniation the outer disc area made of cartilage tears and the center, the jelly-like part leaks out, often putting pressure on the nerves, hence you experience pain down your arm or leg depending on where the herniation is located.

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Disc herniation can be very painful and debilitating. Sometimes taking months to resolve. Our treatment entails literally straightening your spine and correcting the reason why you herniated in the first place. We have had great success in treating disc herniations and have helped hundreds of people avoid surgery.

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