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Best Chiropractor NYC

Best Chiropractor NYC

Meet Dr. Dominick Fazzari, The Best Chiropractor NYC & Long Island

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BS in Biology from St. John’s University

Graduate of the New York Chiropractic College

Dr. Dominick Fazzari was born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens N.Y. His initial interest in Chiropractic stemmed from his own personal experience with back pain, resulting from a football injury as a child. An avid sports enthusiast, Dr. Fazzari had enjoyed biking, tennis, rollerblading, and weight training. After years of active participation in these sports, he found that due to his injury, he could no longer do the things he enjoyed most. Nothing was worse than having to remain on the sidelines and watch others play. He suffered from chronic debilitating lower back pain, and a general achiness throughout his entire spine. Adding insult to injury, being a Chiropractor for over 30 years, he was supposed to have the answers!

Standard chiropractic treatment alleviated some of the discomforts, but he required more frequent care. He was also aware that his overall condition was not improving.

After being introduced to the theory of Sequential Spinal Mobilization (ABC – Advanced Biostructural Correction), Dr. Fazzari was so impressed with the results, he was compelled to study the technique with its founder and begin to use it on his own patients. He has found that treating patients using ABC yields rapid improvement in the patient’s function and the quickest resolution of their pain.

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