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When To See A Chiropractor

When To See A Chiropractor

When To See A Chiropractor? Pain, Sport Improvements, Bad Posture, Age

1. You are in pain. Whether you suffer from neck, shoulder, hip or low back pain, all can be eliminated with Sequential Mobilization. The number one reason people come to us is to relieve and eliminate pain. Pain is an indication that something is wrong. Your body is telling you something. Listen to it. After a thorough examination, we treat the underlying CAUSE of your symptom, and work diligently so that it doesn’t come back!

2. Your job requires extended hours of sitting and/or you are bent over a computer. These long-term postural stresses alter your body’s normal mechanics. It can cause pain, poor posture, early arthritis, and in general make you age faster.

3. Your job is physical, requiring repetitive bending, twisting, and heavy lifting. Carpenters, Plumbers, Drivers, Construction workers all suffer from small and large injuries that go UNCORRECTED for years. Many of you have had heat, electric stimulation, traction, and even gross manipulations. These are treatments. They will not make you straighter. We are different. Our treatment is intended not only to eliminate the pain but make you stronger.

4. You have been in an accident or suffered trauma. It can be recent or in the past. Slips fall, car accident, any of these can cause you injury that then heals incorrectly.

5. You are an Athlete that is looking to perform better. Without realizing it, athletes suffer small and large traumas all the time. These micro-traumas require your body to compensate for it’s “crookedness” and thereby perform less effectively.

6. You are older, beginning to bend forward and as a result, it is getting harder for you to do things. The further forward you bend the more stress this is on your Central Nervous System. This will interfere with All of your body functions. Including breathing, sleeping, digesting food, everything. It does not have to be like that. We can help and reveres this process.

7. You are unhappy with your posture and want to have an easy relaxed, elegant posture without working at it.

8. We have what I feel is the quickest most efficacious means of removing pain and improving the structural functioning of the human body.

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