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Chiropractic Testimonials – Check our patient testimonials and reviews for the benefits you can gain by visiting our office.

Chiropractic Testimonials
Chiropractic Testimonials

“I actually met Doctor Fazzari on 38th street. At that time I walked with a pronounced stooped posture. He approached me and said, “You need me”…. He said he could tell I had back pain from the way I moved and that he could help me. I thought he was crazy, but I listened. At the time I was going for physical therapy between 3 and 5 times a week and massages twice a week. I took Dr. Fazzari ‘s card and put it in my pocket. I had been dealing with back pain for twenty years and no one seemed to be able to help me and as a result, I had fallen into a state of depression. About a month after I met Dr. Fazzari I decided I was scheduling my self for lower back surgery ( I had a large L4-L5 disc herniation). After yrs of back pain, I was afraid I could no longer do my job and was taking weeks off from work due to crushing low back pain. I had always been an athlete but at 49 yrs old I could no longer play football, jog or lift weights. The night before I was going to firm up a date for surgery I found Dr. Fazzari ‘s card in my jacket. I told my wife ” I’ll give this guy a shot and if he can’t help me then I am resigned to get the surgery” she agreed. That was almost six years ago. On my first visit, he was able to relieve 80% of my pain. After 2 months I was lifting weights, walking 3-5 miles a day and I again play football on weekends with guys half my age. I can’t stress enough how much I recommend his treatment…. It has been rejuvenating!”

– Steve Carola

“I was in involved in a motor vehicle accident 5 yrs ago and was never quite the same. I now suffer from low back pain which causes me to miss work often. My sister was treated by Dr. Fazzari 5 yrs ago and badgered me to finally see him. I limped in on a Wednesday, and after one treatment, left his office pain free….It was amazing. I ‘ve been to many chiropractors I ve never experienced anything like this.”

– Chaitram Ramnath

“I suffered from neck pain and headaches for yrs. At times I had a fuzzy feeling in my head that made me feel like I was going to pass out… I had seen several neurologists for the condition but no one could tell me what I had. After several months of care, Dr. Fazzari was able to fix my neck pain and after yrs of that strange fuzzy feeling I no longer exp that symptom.”

– J.J.

“Several years ago I developed debilitating neck and back pain. I had been in several accidents years ago and over time my physical condition was getting worse and worse. I had gone to physical therapists, neurologists, you name it I tried it. It had gotten so bad it was affecting my work and I had gained weight due to the steroids I was prescribed due to pain. I felt much older than my 33 years should have made me feel. What made matters worse was that I was not only in pain but felt sick and was tired all the time. I started treatments with Dr. Fazzari and after several months I could not believe the amount of relief I was feeling. My whole body is now working better! I have tons of energy and can participate in social settings without the fear that I’ll have to go home and lie down. This technique has made me regain my life. “

– Brigitte B.

“I ‘ve had to deal with back pain all my life. I was drafted when I was 19. Even the army didn’t want to touch me after seeing my X-ray films. I’ve had multiple events where I was just laid out and couldn’t move. I ‘ve been in pain for over 40 years ( I’m 61 now). A year and a half ago I was completely debilitated. I couldn’t walk, I received steroid injections and nerve blocks. I never had pain like that in my life. It was like someone lit my leg on fire. It was crazy. I was treated with physical therapy and saw little improvement. I started treatments with Dr. Fazzari who told me his technique would not only relieve my pain but also increase my functional ability. My insurance ran out after 10 visits but without a doubt, I’m so much better and I’ve been paying out of pocket because I can do so much more. I highly recommend his technique.”

– Arthur Ginsburg